Yes, it's been ages since we last posted an episode - we discuss our absence a bit in a very special intro that's all apologies - but we're back with an episode that was actually reocrded a year ago today. The sound quality varies wildly throughout, but the stories are great, so here's hoping you can endure the sonic shortcomings to enjoy the tales that our guest spins. You probably recognize his face, but if you don't remember his name, it's John Heard, and he's been a working actor since the '70s, and he's never stopped working, spending time on the stage, on TV, and in films. He's a man who isn't afraid to speak his mind, and you'll have proof of that almost as soon as you hit "play." Here's hoping you enjoy the proceedings, and we promise you this: we're going to get better at this. No, seriously, we really are. 

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